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Cavern After Hours


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Most books about the 1960s music scene focus on the ones who made it. Those that went on to be household names and spoke for a generation. But what about the epic fails. The bands and groups of lads who were inspired by the first wave who made it big. The ones whose very effort while not making it big was still a success of sorts in a class-bound Britain. Their story is worth telling too.

Cavern After Hours is the authors story an affectionate and amusing look back on the lives and loves of a bunch of young working class kids on the make in Liverpool. Making music, making waves, and trying to make the big time. Boys, even a few girls who wanted to play the Cavern just like The Beatles had only a couple of years before Those boys and girls also secretly dreamed of going on to take the world by storm. Some did, most did not. But we all tried like hell just the same.

Times where changing in stuffy old post war Britain. Cavern After Hours charts how my Hebrew teacher, who also just happened to be lead guitarist with early Merseybeat group The Tabs, taught me more about the guitar than the Torah, it was this guy who fired up my school boy dream to play the now world famous Cavern club Liverpool.

Cavern after hours continues to chart the creation and development of many late 60s unknown Liverpool groups including the Perfumed Garden and Washington Soul Band who later developed into The Selofane.

Cavern After Hours sets the scene for the brief moment when Liverpool took centre stage in Britain, and then the world Cavern After Hours gives a real feel of what it was like to be a struggling young musician in a Beatlemania Liverpool once the dust had settled and the scene had moved on a little.

Cavern After Hours follows the authors personal journey from young kid to young adult via the momentous events and culture of the 1960s

Cavern After Hours takes place at a time when you were dead posh if your house had a phone and you were considered dead, dead rich if you had ever been on a plane.

Yes there were times not so long ago when you could go for weeks on end and never speak to anyone who had ever been to an airport let alone on a plane. Those time were in fact the amazing and fantastic 1960s

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