Beat Waves Cross The Mersey The Book


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A comprehensive anthology of the ‘Merseybeat’ era, this book chronicles the complete stories of 164 Merseyside groups, plus an additional 100 line-ups and a list of 344 group names, for a total of 607 groups that were active in Liverpool and the surrounding area in the late 1950’s to the end of the Sixties. While most people are familiar with the ‘Beatles’, there is a universal misconception that they invented Merseybeat. However, nothing could be further from the truth as Merseybeat was ‘under construction’ long before the ‘Beatles’ exploded onto the scene. While not in any way attempting to detract from their ability, it is important that anyone interested in that era gives consideration to the other groups that were the backbone of this phenomenon. Merseybeat was a product created by the many hundreds of Liverpool groups that played there. Many of them were awarded recording contracts, some of which resulted in number one hits and some are still languishing, unreleased, in the archives of some long forgotten record company. This book contains the stories of 164 groups that either recorded or played a substantial role in creating the Mersey Sound and the Merseybeat era and it is both an interesting an invaluable reference of the time and the place.

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